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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kwanzaa 2017 - 7 Days Festival of Identity | Direction & Purpose

Kwanzaa 2017 - Unlike Hanukkah 2017; Kwanzaa is one such popular festival celebrated by African-America community for a week-long to dedicate heritage to their African American culture.

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What Is Kwanzaa?

Now, we are celebrating the 50th ceremony of Kwanzaa festival, after Moulana Karenga publicizes it; the festival of candles has been widely celebrated. The importance of Kwanzaa festival comes from the “year-end harvest festival” – Yes, after the successful harvest.  In general, throughout Africans communicates using “Swahili” language.

Who Celebrates Kwanzaa

The festival of Kwanzaa is celebrated widely in African Countries (8 x 1,000,000) to reinforce social changes among African-American people. Kwanzaa is not a religious festival nor is it to replace Christmas Festival other than to bring common changes surrounded by African Americans.

What Is The First Day Of Kwanzaa?

In the first day of Kwanzaa festival, African-Americans share gifts to children’s and play games with them.

When Does Kwanzaa Start or When Is Kwanzaa    

The Kwanzaa festival 2018 begins on the evening of Monday, December 26th and ends on the evening of Sunday, January 1st, 2017.

How to Celebrate Kwanzaa

In the below articles, they have clearly mentioned different ways to celebrate Kwanzaa 2016 festival. Please, refer the link  provided.

Kwanzaa Candles

Each day of Kwanzaa festival is observed so intensely that, their principles are whispered to have been cultivating physically powerful, dynamic families, and well-formed communities among Africans. Throughout the seven days festival, a peculiar Kwanzaa candle named as “KINARA” is used. The best part of Kinara is, it can easily hold all the seven candles in which, the first three candles colored “RED” will be on the left side whereas the remaining three candles painted “Green” was placed on the right side of the Kinara and the last one colored “Black” is placed in the center of the stand. Each night of Kwanzaa festival, a candle is illuminated and is continued for seven days long. The process is same as we celebrate during Hanukkah (Festival of light).

Kwanzaa Candles for Sale

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Kwanzaa Traditions or Kwanzaa History

The name Kwanzaa is derived from the idiom “Matunda Ya Kwanza” which resources “first fruits” in Swahili. Each one of the family has a right time Kwanzaa in their approach, although cheerfulness over and over again incorporates songs and dances, African barrels, storytelling, poems interpretation, and a large conventional serving of food. 

During the Kwanzaa festival, the families in the United States of America get together, and among the family members, a child illuminates one of the candles on the Kinara. The central beliefs, called the Nguzo Saba (the seven essential principles in Swahili) are standards of African civilization which have a say to structuring and strengthening a group of people among African-Americans.

Who Is the Creator of Kwanzaa Festival?

This peculiar culture has got the root, fought for West Africa to empower black people in the United States in the 19th century. He is popular for the term pan-African moment who is none other than “Maulana Karenga” and for the moment African-American holiday of Kwanzaa.
As discussed above, Maulana always aims to give back freedom of African-American so that they too can celebrate their culture which is the best alternative for existing festivals. Hence; the first pan-African holiday is declared in 1966 by Karenga.

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Maulana Karenga has featured in several meetings addressing African heritage, and he also has written books representing African-American culture. Karenga was imprisoned; there he wrote books subjected to feminism.

To brief about Kwanzaa Festival 2016, Kwanzaa 2016 festival is mainly shaped to lend a hand to African American so that they can have a good time celebrating African traditions. Here, the people of this community would stand by uniting together and perform meditation and also start studying seven principles of African heritage.

If they start celebrating Kwanzaa 2016 festival yearly, they can make their authority over themselves which ultimately defines Cultural Revolution ahead of violent revolution.

Kwanzaa - A festival of Identity – Direction and most importantly Purpose.

What Maulana Karenga Said About Kwanzaa?

The primary purpose of celebrating Kwanzaa 2016 festival is, - To make a habit and have the best alternatives for African-American than celebrating Christmas.
However, Kwanzaa is the celebration for family members – Maulana Karenga stated that “Kwanzaa 2016” festival is not created to divert people from their festival; instead, it is to create an identity for African community in the United States. In addition to Kwanzaa, they also celebrate Christmas Festival 2017.

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Principles of Kwanzaa 2016

Karenga has seven principles to be followed where each day of Kwanzaa 2016 is celebrated as follows below.
  1. The first term is “Umoja” - Which symbolizes the unity among the people, and nation.
  2. The second term is “Kujichagulia” - This is to characterize and forename ourselves, over and above to fashion and converse for ourselves.
  3. The third term is “Ujima” - To construct and keep up our neighborhood collectively and build our brothers' and sisters' tribulations and to get to the bottom of jointly.
  4. The fourth term is “Ujamaa” - To construct and sustain our private stores, shops, and additional trades and to profit from them collectively.
  5. The fifth term is “Nia” - To create our cooperative job by building and mounting of our neighborhood to reinstate our people to their long-established prominence.
  6. The sixth term is “Kuumba” - To do forever and a day to the extent that we can, in the technique we can, to depart our neighborhood more gorgeous and advantageous than we hereditary it.
  7. The seventh term is “Imani” - To consider with all our spirits in our community, our parents, our teachers, our influencers, and the virtue and victory of our efforts.

Corn being the celebration and decoration of Kwanzaa 2016 Festival - This is all to represent the value of African-American culture. Kwanzaa constitutes seven candles - Where each of the candles specifies culture of Kwanzaa. If you have any more question to ask about how to celebrate Hanukkah 2016 festival then, we are here to help you.

Happy Hanukkah 2017 Messages In Hebrew

Hanukkah 2016 Wishes In Hebrew: I wish all my readers a Very Happy Hanukkah 2016 Festival and Prosperous day ahead. We all have one unique thing in everybody's life (i.e;) Communication with family members - Where we express our inner thoughts, therefore we are.Now, let's discuss about Hanukkah 2016 Festival - Jewish, they are the root, scholars and most dedicated folks  in getting back their Holy Jewish Temple from Israels. Therefore, the festival of lights festivals starts.

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Happy Hanukkah 2016 Greeting Cards

Check Out: Happy Hanukkah 2016 Quotes - With Images

Chanukkah 2016 Messages In Hebrew

If you are living outside or far away from your beloved one's then, a simple message could create or remove your biggest gap between your closed one. 

So, Messages plays a very important role in expressing Wishes, Sending Greetings and many others.

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If you are a Jewish speaker then, you would be sending Happy Hanukkah 2016 Wishes in "Hebrew" right?

What If You Need to Send Chanukkah 2016 Messages For Outside Person?

Well, if you are sending Hanukkah Messages to outside person then, you can send wishes in Gibberish.

In this post, we are going to show you our best Happy Hanukkah 2016 Collections of Messages in Hebrew Language – We wish you a very happy day and also wishes this festival to be one of your best parts of life.

Now, Send Hanukkah Messages in Hebrew to your best Friends, Teachers, and Family members.

If you are not remembering Hanukkah Wishes or Unable to find Happy Hanukkah 2016 Messages in Hebrew then, use the below to lines.

Happy Hanukkah 2016 Quotes In Hebrew

"Chag Urim Sameach!"-Happy Festival of Lights!
"Chanukkah Sameach 2016!”- Happy Hanukkah 2016!
  • תודה רבה לך על היותך אחד המיוחדת שלי - חנוכה השמחה 2016 - Thank you for being my special one - Happy Hanukkah 2016.
  • הלוואי כל משאלותיך מתגשמת - שמחה חנוכה 2016 - I wish all your wishes comes true - Happy Chanukkah 2016.
  • אני מאחל לך לחגוג רב יותר חג חנוכה - שיהיה לך יום נעים - I wish you celebrate many more Hanukkah festival - Have a nice day.
Happy Hanukkah 2016 Messages In HebrewThere are so many ways for sending Happy Hanukkah Messages in Hebrew 2016 - We have chosen this method as best. If you have any more suggestions please, drop us your comment.

We believe this post has helped you learning and sending Hanukkah 2016 messages in Hebrew. Please share this post with all your friends.

We wish you a many more Hanukkah festivals come to you and your family members, we all had that one state of mind where we used to celebrate oneself calling all the family and friends together for celebrating a festival of light.

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There has been a lot of changes have taken place right from menorah to lighting the candles, playing game stuff to eating; everything has changed.

We hope you all liked the above shared Hanukkah messages in Hebrew - Please, this Hanukkah Wishes Messages in Hebrew with all your friends. 

Also, if you are looking for Kwanzaa 2016 festival full details then, we highly recommend you to follow the above-provided link. Once again!! we wish you a very Merry Hanukkah 2016 festival and greetings from our team. Thank You.

Happy Hanukkah Gift Cards - Hanukkah 2016 Visa Cards

Happy Hanukkah Gift Cards - Hanukkah 2016 Visa CardsIn, this post you can Download Free Happy Hanukkah Gifts Card and also you can purchase here.

It will be more than happy for an employee who wishes each and every member of his/her family even though he/she was in work or living far away from family members.

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Free Printable Hanukkah Cards - Make the best out of this festival season, Hanukkah festival has been termed for lights, sharing gifts to friends and family members. Free Printable Hanukkah Cards

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How to make Hanukkah cards and decorations – this fun to do crafts will add a homey touch to this festival of lights and will keep your kids so occupied. To start with, all you need is art supplies and a bit of your creativity.

Funny Hanukkah Cards

Take six ice cream sticks and paint or cover them with the material; fashion the sticks into two triangles and glue the tips collectively. Funny Hanukkah Cards
Then hold on the two triangles together to make a Star of David you can attach to a Hanukkah, gift wrap up or hang in a window.

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Now, lay it flat with a candle in the middle for a table decoration. Next, make mini stars of David by practicing toothpicks and stick them on pieces of framework paper that you wrap to form a holiday card.

Hanukkah Card Template

Now, help your kids or children to make a holy menorah by applying white color on their hands, their claws yellowish and their fingertips orange. Cross their hands over and press them onto a piece of blue construction paper, making sure their pinkies overlap. When they remove their hands, they will see their hands have formed a menorah! Hanukkah Card Template

Hanukkah eCards

Now, fashion a Dreidel picture frame – Now, draw same Dreidel shapes on two sheets of fun foam available at crafts stores, and cut them out. Then, cut a square in the middle of one of the Dreidels for your photo to show within. Stick the photo to the uncut spume Dreidel, and gum the head with the stencil on the head. Please, don’t forget to paint and decorate – For your information; the photo opening need not have to be square; it can be round, triangular - Even heart or star-shaped. Now, make a Hanukkah wreath – Bend a wire hanger into a circle – Take five empty paper towel rolls that you’re piece into thirds, create a slit halfway up each turn and spray paint them blue. When dry, use the slits to slide them onto the wire, forming the circle cut stars of the David out of silver craft paper and glue them to the paper rolls. Hang where everyone can admire!! Hanukkah eCards

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Note: Did you know one thing? Still, Hanukkah can fall any time between late November and December - They celebrate Hanukkah every year, according to the Jewish calendar.


Happy Hanukkah Messages 2017

Happy Hanukkah Messages 2017 – Are you looking for Hanukkah 2017 Messages then, you are at the right spot, and we are here to support you to find the best collections of Hanukkah messages for free of cost.

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  • The celebration of the festival of lights has been one of the ancient traditions, and the best thing is still, principally the Jews community continue those culture and remember the sacrifice they did you get freedom for their nation.
  • The festival was celebrated eight days by lights eight candles daily after sunset. We have designed some excellent images for sending Hanukkah messages 2016 to friends and family members.

List of Happy Hanukkah 2016 Messages - At a Glance

Hanukkah Greetings | Hanukkah Messages | Hanukkah SMS

  • Be a content for a little bit of light and Hanukkah festival will fill you with a very great light. 
  • The performing fun of Hanukkah, discrediting Kwanzaa and being Impolite concerning Christmas.
  • Hanukkah is eight-day since it takes that long for somebody to understand it's Hanukkah. 
  • May the lighting of Hanukkah guide in a better experience for all humankind. Happy Hanukkah! 
  • On Hanukkah, the first night, light yourself a light bright. I'll you if you will my request to dance inside that gentle right. 
  • Happy Hanukkah! On Hanukkah, some people ask why could not we light all eight candles in one night instead of having to light a new one for each of eight nights. It is because Hanukkah is not merely a cause for celebrations. It is a trail of perseverance! 
  • At this time of year, wherever the sun is most profound, the holiday of Hanukkah celebrates the rays of hope and light. Often, it is through authentic and unrecognized miracles that we can feel the warmth of hope and light. Happy Hanukkah! 
  • My Hanukkah festival of lights wish is to be in a relationship that continues longer than eight days. 
  • My love and light fill your home and heart at Hanukkah!
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Happy Hanukkah Messages 2017 - Hope, you are very much excited to share these images with acquaints isn’t? Also, comment your views on this post and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

First Day Of Hanukkah In Canada 2017

The first day of Hanukkah 2016 in Canada, celebrated on 25th of December. Hanukah holidays lasts for eight days and begins on the 25th of the month of Kislev. There are no entirely holidays, so businesses are open as natural.
Hanukkah marks a remarkable event that took place long ago. Hanukkah commemorates the celebration that marks the re-dedication and purification of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and a miracle of the oil that is followed in the traditions: When the Judah Maccabee and his brothers looked for oil to light the lamp in the Temple; they found only one small flask of oil. 

The tiny amount of oil in the container was enough for one day, but a miracle took place, which lead the oil to last for eight days. In addition to the heroism marked by this Festival, it is also has a subject of light against darkness, so Hanukah is also called the Festival of Lights.
In modern times, Hanukkah 2016 has embraced as a mark of the Jews’ struggle against their rivals on both the national and religious side. Some people emphasize this holiday as the spiritual, miraculous side, while others emphasize on the political triumph. In any aspects, Hanukkah is full of joy and is cherished by children.

Hanukkah Tradition

Lighting Candle – In Canada Hanukkah candles are lit for eight days, a Menorah with six branches in a row and a unique candle holder in the center, called the Shamash, from which the other candles is lit. On every night of Hanukah, lit each candle. It is tradition to light the Hanukah with olive oil, where as many people nowadays use colorful wax candles. People should recite a blessing when lighting the candles, a ritual in which includes children, and followed by the singing of Hanukkah songs.
Traditional Food - Another Hanukkah tradition is eating of special foods, especially those fried in oil, such as Sufganiot and potato fritters.

Games – Dreidel is a four-sided game which is played by children. “Chanukah gelt”  is also traditional to give children money for buying toys or candies.


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