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Monday, December 23, 2019

Kwanzaa 2019 - 7 Days Festival of Identity | Direction & Purpose

Kwanzaa 2019 - Unlike Hanukkah 2019; Kwanzaa is one such popular festival celebrated by African-America community for a week-long to dedicate heritage to their African American culture.

What Is Kwanzaa 2019?

Now, we are celebrating the 50th ceremony of Kwanzaa festival, after Moulana Karenga publicizes it; the festival of candles has been widely celebrated. The importance of Kwanzaa festival comes from the “year-end harvest festival” – Yes, after the successful harvest.  In general, throughout Africans communicates using “Swahili” language.

Who Celebrates Kwanzaa 2019

The festival of Kwanzaa is celebrated widely in African Countries (8 x 1,000,000) to reinforce social changes among African-American people. Kwanzaa is not a religious festival nor is it to replace the Christmas Festival other than to bring common changes surrounded by African Americans.

What Is The First Day Of Kwanzaa 2019?

In the first day of Kwanzaa festival, African-Americans share gifts to children’s and play games with them.

When Does Kwanzaa Start or When Is Kwanzaa   

The Kwanzaa festival 2019 begins on the evening of Thursday, December 26th, 2019 and ends on the evening of Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

How to Celebrate Kwanzaa 2019

In the below articles, they have clearly mentioned different ways to celebrate Kwanzaa 2019 festival. Please, refer the link  provided.

Kwanzaa Candles 2019

Each day of Kwanzaa festival is observed so intensely that, their principles are whispered to have been cultivating physically powerful, dynamic families, and well-formed communities among Africans. Throughout the seven days festival, a peculiar Kwanzaa candle named as “KINARA” is used. The best part of Kinara is, it can easily hold all the seven candles in which, the first three candles coloured “RED” will be on the left side whereas the remaining three candles painted “Green” was placed on the right side of the Kinara and the last one coloured “Black” is placed in the centre of the stand. Each night of Kwanzaa festival, a candle is illuminated and is continued for seven days long. The process is the same as we celebrate during Hanukkah (Festival of light).

Kwanzaa Candles for Sale 2019

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Kwanzaa Traditions or Kwanzaa History 2019

The name Kwanzaa is derived from the idiom “Matunda Ya Kwanza” which resources “first fruits” in Swahili. Each one of the family has a right time Kwanzaa in their approach, although cheerfulness over and over again incorporates songs and dances, African barrels, storytelling, poems interpretation, and a large conventional serving of food. 

During the Kwanzaa festival, the families in the United States of America get together, and among the family members, a child illuminates one of the candles on the Kinara. The central beliefs, called the Nguzo Saba (the seven essential principles in Swahili) are standards of African civilization which have a say in structuring and strengthening a group of people among African-Americans.

Who Is the Creator of Kwanzaa Festival 2019?

This peculiar culture has got the root, fought for West Africa to empower black people in the United States in the 19th century. He is popular for the term pan-African moment who is none other than “Maulana Karenga” and for the moment African-American holiday of Kwanzaa. 

As discussed above, Maulana always aims to give back freedom of African-American so that they too can celebrate their culture which is the best alternative for existing festivals. Hence; the first pan-African holiday is declared in 1966 by Karenga. Also, Read: Rosh Hashanah FB Status 2019, Rosh Hashanah Candle Lighting 2019

Maulana Karenga has featured in several meetings addressing African heritage, and he also has written books representing African-American culture. Karenga was imprisoned; there he wrote books subjected to feminism.

To brief about Kwanzaa Festival 2019, Kwanzaa 2019 festival is mainly shaped to lend a hand to African American so that they can have a good time celebrating African traditions. Here, the people of this community would stand by uniting together and perform meditation and also start studying seven principles of African heritage.

If they start celebrating Kwanzaa 2019 festival yearly, they can make their authority over themselves which ultimately defines Cultural Revolution ahead of violent revolution.

Kwanzaa - A festival of Identity – Direction and most importantly Purpose.

What Maulana Karenga Said About Kwanzaa 2019?

The primary purpose of celebrating Kwanzaa 2019 festival is, - To make a habit and have the best alternatives for African-American than celebrating Christmas.
However, Kwanzaa is the celebration for family members – Maulana Karenga stated that “Kwanzaa 2019” festival is not created to divert people from their festival; instead, it is to create an identity for African community in the United States. In addition to Kwanzaa, they also celebrate Christmas Festival 2019.

Principles of Kwanzaa 2019

Karenga has seven principles to be followed where each day of Kwanzaa 2019 is celebrated as follows below.
  1. The first term is “Umoja” - Which symbolizes the unity among the people, and nation.
  2. The second term is “Kujichagulia” - This is to characterize and forename ourselves, over and above to fashion and converse for ourselves.
  3. The third term is “Ujima” - To construct and keep up our neighbourhood collectively and build our brothers' and sisters' tribulations and to get to the bottom of jointly.
  4. The fourth term is “Ujamaa” - To construct and sustain our private stores, shops, and additional trades and to profit from them collectively.
  5. The fifth term is “Nia” - To create our cooperative job by building and mounting of our neighbourhood to reinstate our people to their long-established prominence.
  6. The sixth term is “Kuumba” - To do forever and a day to the extent that we can, in the technique we can, to depart our neighbourhood more gorgeous and advantageous than we hereditary it.
  7. The seventh term is “Imani” - To consider with all our spirits in our community, our parents, our teachers, our influencers, and the virtue and victory of our efforts.

Corn being the celebration and decoration of Kwanzaa 2019 Festival - This is all to represent the value of African-American culture. Kwanzaa constitutes seven candles - Where each of the candles specifies the culture of Kwanzaa. If you have any more question to ask about how to celebrate Hanukkah 2019 festival then, we are here to help you.
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