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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

How Many Times Is Shofar Blown On Rosh Hashanah 2021

Rosh Hashana is called in the Scriptures, Yom Truá (why the Shofar is played), and focuses two main ideas: it is the first day of a new year, and it is the Day of Judgment, the day of introspection. In this way, the balance of the previous year is made at the beginning of a new year and we plan our actions for the coming year. 

shofar blown on rosh hashanah

The Source In The Torah For Rosh Hashana Is:

"The 1st day of the seventh month will be a holy convocation. You will not do in servile labor. It is a day that will be celebrated at the sound of the trumpet" (Bemidvár / Numbers 29: 1).

And it is also written: "On the first day of the the seventh month you will commemorate it to the sound of the trumpets" (Vaiqrá / Leviticus 23:24).

Q:How Many Times Is Shofar Blown On Rosh Hashanah 2019
A: In most maximum areas, the SHOFAR is blown 100 times.

Why Is The Shofar Played?

shofar blowing rosh hashanah

Rabbi Saadia Gaon lists the reasons for this precept, including: On this day we crown the Holy Blessed Sea, in the same way that the kings are proclaimed: the trumpets and shofarot are blown before them so that the beginning of their reigns can be heard everywhere. And so said, King David: "With trumpets and the sound of the bugle, acclaim to the king the eternal" (Psalm 98: 6).
  1. The voice of the Shofar reminds us of the revelation of the Sinai, which was accompanied by "The son of the shofar was very strong," and in that place, the people of Israel declared: "We will do and listen."
  2. The son of the Shofar reminds us of the diaspora meeting that we so long for.
  3. The Shofar is made of a ram's horn, to remind us of Yitzchak's binding. After the attempt of the sacrifice, in which Abraham was, he saw: "A ram that was near had its horns locked in the thicket," and sacrificed it instead of his son. The son of the Shofar reminds us of the merit of our parents. One hundred voices must be played. If Rosh Hashana falls on a Saturday, it is not touched by decree of our sages.
  4. The law that characterizes Rosh HaShana is the obligation to listen to the sound of the Shofar. The Shofar, an instrument that emerges from nature (ram's horn), unlike the trumpet that is a human creation. 
  5. The trumpet, in the Torah, fulfills the function of calling (to D" to the other human beings) when the one who does it is the human being. The Shofar sounds when the caller is D" himself. (RSR Hirsch)
  6. The sounds of the Shofar are "Tekiá" (fixed) a long and fixed sound, and "Shevarim" or "Truá" (break) or both together, and again a "Tekiá." These same sounds were those that were emitted in the desert when the people were advised that the Israel camp was on its journey.
The Tekiá summons a place, the Teruá talks about dismantling, and the last Tekiá discussions about the new place to which it moves. In Rosh HaShaná, D" s summons us to dismantle our vices and prejudices, remember and analyze, free ourselves from what does not apply, and re-route us according to His law. The parts of the Amidá de Musaf (the prayer) refer to the same. "Maljuiot" (assume the monarchy of D "s) Who summons us," Zijronot "(memories) of what life was so far, and" Shofarot "the sound of the Shofar that frees from the submission of the past, to start over a new life. (Just as the Shofar fulfilled the objective of freeing the slaves and the fields sold in Yom Kippur of the Iovel that happened every fifty years).

The Customs Of The Holiday

customs and traditions of rosh hashanah

Preparations for Rosh Hashana 2021 begin in the month of Elul. At the beginning of the month of Elul, it is customary to play the Shofar every the morning after Shajarit's prayer, to wake the people to repentance towards the days of judgment.
  1. The Sephardic people have grown up early since the beginning of the month of Elul to pronounce "slijot" - prayer of penance. The Ashkenazim do so since the departure of the Shabbat before Rosh Hashana. With the arrival of the holiday, it is customary to bless the neighbor with: "Have a good year, be inscribed and signed in the book of the good life." We begin the New Year with customs that symbolize the requests of our hearts:
  2. The apple is dipped in honey, and it is desired: "Let it be your will that a good and sweet year begins".
  3. He eats ahead of fish or sheep and says: "Let it be your will that we are head and not the tail."
Pomegranate is eaten, full of graños, and it is said: "Let it be your will that merits increase us like the pomegranate."

They eat dates and recite: "Let it be your will that our enemies run out."
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