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Friday, May 12, 2017

First Day Of Hanukkah In Canada 2016

The first day of Hanukkah 2016 in Canada, celebrated on 25th of December. Hanukah holidays lasts for eight days and begins on the 25th of the month of Kislev. There are no entirely holidays, so businesses are open as natural.
Hanukkah marks a remarkable event that took place long ago. Hanukkah commemorates the celebration that marks the re-dedication and purification of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and a miracle of the oil that is followed in the traditions: When the Judah Maccabee and his brothers looked for oil to light the lamp in the Temple; they found only one small flask of oil. 

The tiny amount of oil in the container was enough for one day, but a miracle took place, which lead the oil to last for eight days. In addition to the heroism marked by this Festival, it is also has a subject of light against darkness, so Hanukah is also called the Festival of Lights.
In modern times, Hanukkah 2016 has embraced as a mark of the Jews’ struggle against their rivals on both the national and religious side. Some people emphasize this holiday as the spiritual, miraculous side, while others emphasize on the political triumph. In any aspects, Hanukkah is full of joy and is cherished by children.

Hanukkah Tradition

Lighting Candle – In Canada Hanukkah candles are lit for eight days, a Menorah with six branches in a row and a unique candle holder in the center, called the Shamash, from which the other candles is lit. On every night of Hanukah, lit each candle. It is tradition to light the Hanukah with olive oil, where as many people nowadays use colorful wax candles. People should recite a blessing when lighting the candles, a ritual in which includes children, and followed by the singing of Hanukkah songs.
Traditional Food - Another Hanukkah tradition is eating of special foods, especially those fried in oil, such as Sufganiot and potato fritters.

Games – Dreidel is a four-sided game which is played by children. “Chanukah gelt”  is also traditional to give children money for buying toys or candies.


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When Does Hanukkah Start 2016 | Chanukah 2016 | Start and End

When Does Hanukkah Start ­– Kislev, this is mostly happening in the month of November 2016 to December 2016, and it may be from 25th of December to January 1st, 2016.
So, a lot of people have the misconception about on what is the exact date of Hanukkah 2016? How to celebrate 2016 Hanukkah? How the people of United States celebrate the first day of Hanukkah? So, there are some of the queries you may have, isn’t it? Today, we here in this post would like to write on When Does Hanukkah Start and Hanukkah Full Wikipedia.

In actual, the festival of lights was originated from in 200 BCE during the Maccabeus Revolt in Judea. The perfect day to celebrate Hanukkah 2016 starts from December 5th, 2016 to December 14th, 2016 but, later on, the date of Happy Hanukkah Festival keep on changing, and it is finalized.

When Does Hanukkah Start Every Year

There have been several changes made for celebration festival of lights after looking over ancient times and their methods of celebrating Hanukkah Festival; Due, this many such changes, some people get confused about on which date Hanukkah festival is to be celebrated so, we have mentioned the exact date of Chanukah in the above paragraph. Please go through and happy Hanukkah 2016 festival to you all.

  • The exact date of Hanukkah 2016 is December 24th, 2016 and it continues till January 1st, 2016. People are so much bothered about how to celebrate the festival of lights in a new way which never dilutes their real culture of Hanukkah.
  • You all know the fact, that the Israel festival is now celebrated throughout the world by following the ancient rule of celebrating Hanukkah 2016 festival.

In this blog, we have written all basic recipes to prepare for a festival of lights, and also share perfect ingredients to make for Hanukkah festival for all the family members. Also, we have also shared, Hanukkah quotes and Hanukkah HD covers Images which is very useful for sending wishes to family and friends.

We have specified the exact nightfall of Hanukkah 2016 festival, and the date also. If you have any more queries on how to celebrate Hanukkah 2016 festival then, go through all the articles published on this blog.
Also, Read: If you have missed reading the History of Hanukkah 2016 (Rededication Ceremony Full Details), and how the one-night oil (miracle) burned up to 8 days entirely.

When Does Hanukkah Start

  • Hanukkah, the Jewish community most important festival commences in the month of December and continues through the first week of January.
  • The majority of Jewish Community pronounce Hanukkah as Chanukah 2016 but, later on, and the time goes on, they habituated calling with Hanukkah.
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When Does Hanukkah Start - So, now you have got Hanukkah 2016 start date, the Jewish people on the USA celebrate first and last day of Chanukah 2016 in a grand way. If you are looking for any more answers then, do let us know and we are always ready to answer. We by now, you have all the information about when to celebrate festival of lights and what are the things you need to purchase. Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

By now, all of the Jewish community started celebrating the festival of lights with the entire family members; the Hanukah festival is one such great celebration of Israel who fought for their holy temple. However, after a great win over Greeks, the ancient’s ruler of the community declared this victory day as “Hanukkah.”

After, they start celebrating Hanukkah, the leader went on to start with light but, unfortunately there left only one day oil for lighting first day of Hanukkah (8 days of festival). 

With the grace, the view of the candle last for eight days long and hence, they believe it was a real miracle for them.

Also, if you are looking for Kwanzaa 2016 festival information then, you are welcomed to read more details over here.

How to Light a Menorah 2016 - Updated 1 Minute Ago

How to Light a Menorah 2016 - We have received a lot of queries regarding happy Hanukkah festival on menorah lighting methods, contrary to this. Also, many folks were asked to share a guide on how to light an electric menorah and how to light an oil menorah. However, both of the methods results in lighting but, the procedures they have got are dissimilar to each other. To light an electric menorah, the method is very simple and quicker than the lighting traditional method that is lighting an oil menorah. Before the procedure starts, we would like to ask you one thing, how do you light the Menorah?

Hanukkah Festival - The great festival for the community of Israel who often gets accused by Greek emperor for every this and that, for some time they get prisoner for believing another god than Greek emperor himself, and sometimes they get blamed without any reason at all. However, they have overcome all the obstacles and have not left the faith of themselves to get freedom from Greek Emperor.

Festival of Lights
The eight days festival celebrates predominantly by lighting an oil menorah starting from the first day of Hanukkah 2016 to end a day of Hanukkah 2016 festival. There are lots of things of traditions involved while celebrating the festival of lights, and also if you are unaware of how to light an electric menorah or how to light an oil menorah then, you can make a purchase from the link mentioned below..

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How to Light a Menorah

Compulsorily, one need to have enough knowledge to light a menorah left to right but, there have got simple and quicker step by step procedure to light a Hanukkah 2016 menorah candles or oil (cotton wives). You all might have heard about the miraculous thing happened for Maccabees after their win over Greeks kingdom, that to celebrate the festival of lights (eight days long festival) they have only few oil which can lasts for one day or two but, incredibly the oil which they have started burning continuously for up to eight days and the people are so much excited and happy to celebrate their festival and this moment made them to light menorah for the Hanukkah festival 2016.

In this below section, we would like to share step by step instructions to light an electric, and oil menorah respectively.

First, Step 1:
The first thing you have to do is life the menorah and place it on the left side of your room also, makes sure it is placed near a window. The reason being menorah placing near to window is, to share the miracle happened to celebrate the festival of light for eight days long.
Second, Step 2:
Usually, we do light a candle in the evening time right? Then, on the day of Hanukkah night place a candle and light it from far-off of the right side of the menorah.
Third, Step 3:
After that, now light the Shamash, this behaves like supporting candles for lighting other candles in the menorah. As usual, you have to read the three blessings of Hanukkah festival.
Beware, always take help of the Shamash to light all the candles of the menorah and please avoid using menorah candles to light several candles.
Forth, Step 4:
Next, after lighting the first Hanukkah candle 2016, then place the Shamash candle in the provided holder.
Fifth, Step 5:
Once, you are done with the fourth step, and then continue reading your chant for the prayer. However, many individuals habituated over singing Maoz Tsur Hanukkah songs.
Sixth, Step 6:
After the first candle, it will burn for at least 30 or 40 minutes after that candle was about to finish, and you please lighting the candles on the first side.
Seventh, Step 7:
Please, continue lighting the candles from side to side till eight Hanukkah nights, and continue receiving blessings.
Eighth, Step 8:

Only on Fridays, first light the Hanukkah candles ahead of lighting Shabbat candles. Enjoy the festival of lights with joy and happiness.

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How to Light the Menorah Video

In this, section we are providing you the perfect way to light the menorah for Hanukkah festival with a simple explanation. In the below, you will learn how to light menorah YouTube video and the perfect order for lighting the menorah and read the Hanukkah prayers.

How Do You Light a Menorah?

How Do You Light The Menorah - On the day of Hanukkah, place the first candle of Hanukkah on the first menorah holders, start from the first side and continue till to the last for the consecutive days. To light all the candles you no longer need to take out each candle for lighting; so, you just make use of Shamash and light all the candles of Hanukkah and after burning the candle place Shamash in the holder.

Menorah Lighting Order 2016:

If you are looking to order Hanukkah Menorah for lighting candles then, here is the direct link to purchase Hanukkah menorah right away.


Menorah Lights

In this section, we are sharing how a Hanukkah light of menorah looks like and how to start with Hanukkah menorah lighting.

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How to Light Menorah 2016 - In the above section, we have helped you guiding how to light a menorah from left to right and also shared Hanukkah menorah instructions for menorah; we have also provided directly secured link to buy Hanukkah menorah lightings from Amazon e-commerce website.

We hope this guide has helped with enough instructions for lighting an electric menorah and lighting an oil menorah in the simplest way.

Electric Menorahs for Hanukkah - FREE SHIPPING!!

Electric Menorahs for HanukkahAs Hanukkah is a festival of lights, you can’t celebrate Hanukkah without bringing or lighting your home. We have brought you an a Great discount on the electric menorah. Shopping is always fun and what you wish more? When you find all, you want in one place with free shipping.

Light your Home this Hanukkah with an Electric Menorah and cherish it with your family.In Modern days, the electric menorah for Hanukkah is getting popular as they are safe and easy to use.

  • It’s advisable for people with kids to prefer the Electric Menorah for Hanukkah due to fire and safety Concerns. Unlike Hanukkah Candle, Electric Menorah uses low wattage bulbs.
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  • With Electric Menorah, there’s no need for searching Candles or Matches, Just Store up Electric Menorah replacement bulb or any electric light bulbs to carry out throughout Hanukkah period.
If you’re searching for a way to bring brightness or Hanukkah Spirit to your home, invest in an Electric Menorah display stand. It is also a perfect gift to wish someone “Happy Hanukkah.”

Electric Menorah Amazon           

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Large Electric Menorah

We have large electric menorah with attached bulbs, with various bulb colors blue and white. You can also find here different tones of the electric menorah (silver, gold, white, etc.) to match your lawn, kitchen or home. Some Electric Menorah comes with LED low voltage and also with battery or USB powered.

Mini Electric Menorah

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Electric Menorah Replacement Bulbs

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Electric Menorahs for Sale

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These products are genuine, quality of the shipment is verified by the merchant - We recommend all those people who are very eager over celebrating Hanukkah 2016 festival.

How many Candles on a Menorah? Hanukkah Menorah 2016

According to old Jewish culture, a Menorah holds an ad hoc arrangement of total Nine Candles. Each of the Hanukkah Candle is lit for each night of Hanukkah and the Center Candle, known as “Shamash” is Use to light other menorah candles.

Menorah plays a significant symbolic part in the celebration of Hanukkah 2016. Over the years ago in a Country Called Israel (Judea) there lived many Jewish People or Hebrew. There lived a King, Antiochus, Who dominated all the Jewish people to give up their religion and customs.

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He ordered to stop worshipping their God and worship only the Greek Gods. All the Jewish temples were destroyed and also confessed whoever not follows his command will be severely punished.
hanukkah history
Hanukkah History
After years and many battles, Judas and his brother (The Maccabees), who were fighting for the right of Judaism, Overthrew threw King and succeeded in taking back the temple.

Upon searching for oil to light the lamps, they recognized there was a little oil to light the lamps for one night. But miraculously that oil lasted for eight nights, and this is the reason behind lighting the Menorah with Eight Candles. Each Candle represents a night that the oil kept burning on the Holy Temple.

According to some modern people, the Jewish religion has switched to Electric Menorahs, which holds Light bulbs instead of Hanukkah Candle. The Electric Menorah also has nine bulbs similar to a Menorah with a candle.

Menorah Candles
On the Hanukkah's first night, one light or candle it lit and on each night, an additional Hanukkah candle is lit so that these candles on the eighth night, all together shine brightly.

Menorah reminds people the miracle of the oil that happened long ago. Now, Hanukkah candle is used to celebrate the Hanukkah.

Recommended: Electric Menorahs for Hanukkah

In Israel, the another name used for Menorahs is Hanukkiahs. They come in all sizes and shapes, and it also resembles the Hanukkiahs, which you will find in the holy temple.

Hope, you understood about the candles on the menorah. To know much more about Hanukkah and Its traditional ways, please go through our entire article.

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Happy Hanukkah Wishes Quotes 2016

Happy Hanukkah Wishes Quotes 2016 – Hanukkah 2016 Festival is celebrated for the victory of Jews over Syrian military army, and therefore eight days festival of lights is found behalf of the rededication of their God. 
  • In the month, on the day of festival – Friends, family members meet together in one place, and they share each other’s joyful moments to pass the day. Whereas the adults in Jews country on the day of Hanukkah 2016 starts texting, messaging and share happing Hanukkah wishes to all the friends.
  • If you are somewhere around and not able to reach or meet your friends or family, then the best step you opt for is "Sending Happy Hanukkah Wishes 2016" through social network sites or simply E-mail them.
In this post we have articulated some of our best collections of Hanukkah Quotes, Hanukkah Wishes, Hanukkah Greetings and Hanukkah 2016 Messages – Let’s get started.
Happy Hanukkah 2016 Wishes

Happy Hanukkah Wishes Quotes 2016Hope you liked it, and we are very pleased to hear from you about these Happy Hanukkah Wishes Images. You can also suggest us about what you are looking from us. Please don’t forget to share Hanukkah 2016 Images with your friends and family members.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hanukkah 2016 HD Wallpapers, HQ Pictures, Unique Images | Download Happy Hanukkah Photos Online

Hanukkah 2016 HD WallpapersWhy search for more? When you have found everything here! Looking for High-quality pictures and High Definition wallpapers? We have brought you HD wallpapers, HQ pictures, Unique images for Happy Hanukkah 2016.

We have brought you all kinds of wallpapers and pictures that symbolize Happy Hanukkah 2016.There are many sites that not only download the images, but it includes a virus in it.
So, we have brought you a safe and easy way to download all your favorite Images to make your profile look attractive. You can download as many images as you want for free.

Choose the best pictures or wallpapers as you wish. Hanukkah has love and happiness in it. Similarly, we tried to bring all that love and joy through this Happy Hanukkah 2016 images and wallpaper.

Hanukkah 2016 HQ Pictures, Unique Images 

Download Happy Hanukkah Photos Online

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If you are new to this religion then you must know How to celebrate Hanukkah 2016 in a grand and easy way.


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We hope these HD Images of Hanukkah 2016 would have brought a great smile on your face, and we wish you a many more festival of lights with all your friends and family members. If you are looking for more Hanukkah High Definition Images then, do let us know through a comment. Hanukkah is one of the best festivals of Jewish Community, and it’s been celebrating all over the country. Jewish New Year - The festival of lights has finally started, and people are very anxious over celebrating with all the family members. We wish you all Happy Hanukkah 2016. May the Lord bless you!!!

Happy Hanukkah 2016 Quotes, Sayings & Poems

Happy Hanukkah 2016 Quotes & Poems: As per the calendar date of Kislev; the festival of lights that is "Hanukkah" is commencing on 24th of December 2016 in the evening times and will end on 1st January 2017. Hanukkah Festival is the great day for Jewish community where they recovered their Holy Temple in Jerusalem. However, there were many people who never thought that they could acquire menorah (A 8 candles used in ancient days to celebrate Jewish festivals) significance in Hanukkah ceremony. 
Check out: Happy Hanukkah 2016 Full Wikipedia - The Eight Nights and Days Festival.

The People of Jerusalem used to buy gifts, makes habit of wishes each other irrespective of ages, and altogether gather to cook some special foods on this day. We here at Hanukkah 2016 – Would like to share some of the beautiful Happy Hanukkah 2016 Quotes and Poems for our beloved users. So, here we are sharing some of the most used and trendy Happy Hanukkah Quotes for Friends, Sisters and for Family Members.

Do You Know The Miracle Of One Vial Oil?

We hope you all know by now, the festival of light was lasted for 8 days even though after people believing it will only be useful for one day but, the miracle was “One vial of oil was found to be lasted for 8 days” isn’t incredible?

Happy Hanukkah 2016 Images and Quotes

  • The Jewish festival Hanukkah is celebrated as the people of Jerusalem Realize it was Hanukkah which is why it is renowned 8 days.
  • I wish the illuminations of Hanukkah accompany in a superior world for all mankind.
  • Hanukkah Blessings!! You are blessed; Stay Blessed to kindle the lights of Hanukkah.
  • Let’s celebrate an Awesome and Make-able Hanukkah Festival 2016.
  • May this festival of lights be a festival of joy, peace and prosperity!!
  • Holy is colorful, Sun is powerful, Hanukkah is rightful.
  • For this exceptional time family and friends gets in concert for entertaining. Wishing laughter and fun to applaud your days, in this festive season of Hanukkah and for all time.
  • Every citizen may not be a King/Queen to her land, but the citizen is always a prince/princess to the nation.
This is all about Hanukkah 2016 Quotes and Sayings - If you liked this post then, please take time to share this awesome piece of information with all your Friends.

Quotes and wishes have been one of the important trends over teenagers especially when some festival like Happy Hanukkah 2016 is nearby.

People start collects the HD Quality Hanukkah Images 2016 so that they can able to send those Chanukah images to their friends and family members at the right time.

We are presenting you the list of a top collection of Hanukkah HD pictures and poems for all platform users. If you have any more concerns please, help us know through a comment, we will assist you with at a glance.

Wishing you a jubilant Hanukah festival with a lot of wealth and happiness forever be with you.

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