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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hanukkah Full Wikipedia – The Eight Nights & Days Festival

We here at Chanukkah 2016, would like to discuss about Hanukkah 2016 Full Wikipedia. Let's get started. 

What Is The Story History of Hanukkah Festival? Who celebrates Hanukkah? How to celebrate Hanukkah?
Hanukkah Festival CelebrationSince, 19th century the festival of light is celebrated In United States of America by Jewish Communities, and now in all parts of the world (Austria, Australia, Israel, Germany, France, Jerusalem, England, India, Russia, London and some other countries). About Hanukkah History!!
The main theme of this Hanukkah Celebration is “Dedication” – Yes!! Jewish Hanukkah celebrates Hanukkah Festival in Eight Days by lighting Hanukkah candles on each night (Starting with one, and finalizing it to 8 or 9 till the last date) so therefore, this the purest form of dedication towards their Holy Temple. How to celebrate Hanukkah

“The Phenomenon of the One-Day Quantity of Oil Unbelievably Durable Eight Days Is First Labeled In the Talmud”

Miraculous, the Maccabean who are Jews – Regained power over Jerusalem and started rededicating the holy temple. So, the day they regained control of Jerusalem, from that day to end of the Kislev is celebrated as Hanukkah Festival Celebration.

Begins on 25 Kislev

Kislev (The month of Plentiful Rains) – It an Autumn Season where the month counts will vary between 29 or 30 days. A month of dreamers – Yes!! There was huge rains in this month so the word “Kislev - The hopes for Rains.”

Hanukkah Revelries Includes - Dreidel Game, Music & Eating Foods

Dreidel (A set of Four Painted Wood Dreidel’s or also referred as Hebrew (Official Name))–During Hanukkah Jewish Children’s play this game by spinning four-sided Dreidels (You Can Buy From The Below). This game also includes – Some letter which abbreviates – “Some Great Wonder Materialized Here”.
So, contrary to the usual practice (After lighting candles on Hanukkah), it is a very big traditions of Jewish Community to light a Hanukkah candles in almost all the homes, where the players spins the Dreidel Game, and depending upon Dreidel falls, either a player need to give chocolates or can take from the “pot”.
The best part of Hanukkah Festival is – It only refers to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem – Not with the entire Israel Land.

“Dreidel – This Game Will Last Untill One Person Has Won Everything”


Plenty of songs have been return, songs were written by talking particular aspects of the festival like – Rock of Ages, Menorah and Hanukkah Candles. However, the most famous one is “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel”.

Tradition of Giving Hanukkah Gelt (Money)

During the festival of Hanukkah –Children’s of Jewish will be given Gelt (Money) which adds joy, happiness of excitement. Also, the children’s do collect some amount of Gelt to express gratitude to their teachers.
President Abraham Lincoln – He said that, on December Month “Hanukkah Festival” is declared as National Holiday in United Stated of America.

How Many Days Are In Hanukkah?

According to Kislev Calendar, there are totally Eight Nights and Days in Hanukkah Festival 2016, people of all Israel over the world celebrates this festival grandly by lighting Hanukkah candles each night till the end of the event.
  • It starts in 25thday of Kislev Month.
  • Hanukkah Festival ends in January 2nd or 3rd of the month.

What Happens During The Eight (8) Days Of Hanukkah?

The celebration of Hanukkah Festival 2016 Starts – Like, people do activities like lighting Hanukkah candles every night, and also the best of Hanukkah Festival 2016 is, they start Singing exceptional songs, for example - Ma'ozTzur. Relating Hallel prayer. Also, they do prepare Fried Oily Eatable foods fried, for instance latkes and sufganiyot, and dairy nutrients. Finally, children’s starts playing the dreidel (The Four Sided Dreidels) game, and people, relative’s starts distributing “Gelt” to children’s.

Is It Hanukkah Or Chanukah?

As per Jewish, it is very tough to pronounce Hanukkah, Chanukah – So, people were not sure about Hanukah or Chanukah – However, both have been considered.
  • Various Scholars shown the several ways to spell the word “Hanukkah”.

Hanukkah Festival Started In Which Year Exactly

  • Practically, we have no clues to show you the exact date of Hanukkah Festival – But, as per records it is celebrated since ancient times.
  • It can be Dreamy Season (As per Kislev Calendar) where the month counts will vary between 29 or 30 days.

Why Hanukkah Is Called Festival of Lights | Hanukkah 2016 Images

As per above mentioned statements – It was said that, Hanukkah is celebrated worldwide by Jewish community. Lighting Hanukkah candles is the best part of this festival – Yes!! This festival is of totally eight days and nights – We have clearly mentioned, so using this Link, we you’ll get to know Why Hanukkah Is Called Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication.

Hanukkah 2016 High Definition (HD) Wallpapers High Quality Photos, Pictures

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Happy Hanukkah 2016 in Hebrew Words with Quotes

Jerusalem people, primary language is “Hebrew” so, on the festival of Lights day, all of the Jewish community starts wishing each other by sending Hanukkah 2016 Greetings Cards, 2016 Hanukkah Quotes, and some Jewish people prepares songs and videos to share with family members. Click Here to Download Happy Hanukkah 2016 Hebrew Images With Quotes.

Facts of Hanukkah | Know the History of Hanukkah 2016 with Images

Menorah (A combination of 8 candle lights while, 9th candle light being centered or directive of all). Coming to Fact, it was Greek who is planning to occupy Israel land to the complete but, somehow with the Jews community supports, they relisted their holy temple. To know more about Facts of Hanukkah 2016 Celebration – Click Here

Happy Hanukkah 2016 Recipes, Eating Foods & Playing Games

Families of Jewish, make a plan for get together party for the whole nights, where they prepare oil made foods for eating together, children’s of Jewish Family will be given chocolates, make them play special games of Festival of Lights – To Know more, click here for Hanukkah 2016 Recipes, Dishes, Food, Drinks, Dinner with Ideas

So, it’s all about Hanukkah Full Wikipedia, we hope we satisfied with enough Hanukkah information, we are looking for more Hanukkah information regarding Hanukkah Festival 2016, if you have any such please do let us know.
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Hanukkah Tradition 2016 - Top 5+

Hanukkah Tradition 2016 - Hanukkah has some traditions and customs associated with their source in the past. Some have developed from the earlier trends. Here, we have tried to describe the entire culture and traditions of Hanukkah and its history behind it.

Hanukkah History and Traditions

Long ago, there lived a king named Antiochus, the king of Syria, he ruled people all over the world to quit their religion and follow his religion as he didn’t like people worshipping other   God.
  1. During this era, he and his army conquered Israel and proclaimed that Israel was under his control. He confessed that the beautiful temple of Jerusalem would be destroyed or converted along with the entire Jewish temples. The king made people declare that they will overthrow their religion and customs and follow his belief. He also concluded whoever tries to deny his order will be severely punished.
  2. Many people accepted his religion out of fear; among few were Judah and his brothers, who fought against the Syrian army and succeeded in defeating the Syrian king and regaining the temple of Jerusalem.
  3. After reclaiming the temple, they found that the temple was totally messy. Judah and some people started cleaning the temple by removing Antiochus statue and few symbols of his belief.
  4. They were in need of oil to lighten the oil lamp to produce light continuously for a period. After searching for a long time and found a very tiny container of oil, which would last only for one night. But the miracle took place; the oil lamp lasted for eight nights and day instead of one night. 
Remembrance of this miracle and triumph of their religion, Jewish celebrate this festival called Hanukkah 2016 – the festival of light.

Traditions of Hanukkah

Many Jewish all around the world celebrate Hanukkah as a traditional festival by Jewish people all over the world. During this festival, they follow all the tradition to celebrate Hanukkah. All these traditions give imperative meaning and significance to the festival. We have brought you the complete details of all the major traditions of Hanukkah.
  • Hanukkah traditional food
  • Hanukkah traditional gifts
  • Hanukkah traditional game
  • Lighting the menorah
Hanukkah traditional food – Similar to other festivals, Hanukkah has some traditional food, it is customary to eat fried food or baked one. It's Preferable to use olive oil to cook.
Potato latkes, Sufganiot, and brisket are traditional foods of Hanukkah festival.  Cookies and salad are very famous among kids.

Traditional Hanukkah Cookies

As it’s customary to eat baked dishes, people bake cookies as a traditional dessert. Many people bake list of cookies for kids. During Hanukkah period, parents also teach their children to bake cookies .kids bake cookies with the variety of shapes by using cookies cutter.

Hanukkah Shaped Cookies

  1. Ingredients
  2. Flour -1 cup
  3. Sugar- 1/2 cup
  4. Vanilla essence - Few drops
  5. Butter - ¾ cup
  6. Jam or food color or dry fruits   - Optional

  1. In a large bowl, add altogether all the dry ingredients.
  2. Then add few drops of essence and knead the dough using butter or vegetable oil (now you can add food color).
  3. Give shape using cookies cutter. Bake cookies and decorate as per your wish. (You can use buttercream, jam, icing sugar or dry fruits to decorate your yummy cookies)
  4. Traditional Hanukkah Salad.
Though all recipes are not exactly traditional, they are related to the history of Jewish cuisine. People have come up with the variety of dishes by keeping in mind of Jewish tradition.

Best Hanukkah Salad with Olive Oil

  • Ingredients
  • Olive oil - three tablespoons
  • Lime juice  - three tablespoons
  • Honey - one tablespoon
  • Celery root - one large
  • Pomegranates - 2
  • Salt  - To taste

  1. Take a bowl and whisk honey, lime juice, olive oil, and a pinch of salt.
  2. Clean and wash the celery root and chop off the hard outer layer. Grate the celery root into the dressing using the large holes on a grater.
  3. Cut thin slices all over the pomegranate, breakdown and open along the slices. Take out the seeds and add them to the celery root. Toss up until the pomegranate and celery root coat well with the dressing.
  4. Finally, add salt to taste (optional)

Hanukkah Traditional Gifts

During this festival, People share Gifts as per tradition “Gelt” which means Money. According to the historical period, Jews give gelt to poor, children’s and teacher. In the modern period, gifts are shared as Gelt such as chocolate gelt or Gelt for playing Dreidel. Gifts are always surprising and fun to exchange among families and friends.

Hanukkah Traditional Game

Dreidel is a traditional game of Hanukkah. On each side of the Dreidel, you’ll find the Hebrew letters, which describe “A great miracle happened there,” here it refers to the miracle of the oil. Start the Dreidel game with the proper goods, which include 10 or 15 coins for each player (real or chocolates). Place a single coin in the center pot. Let the first player spin the Dreidel. Once the Dreidel falls, look to see which side faces up. Instruct each of the players to either give up a portion of his or her coins or take a coin from the pot, based on the below code

•    Nun means "nothing" – no coins
•    Hey means "half"– take half of the pot
•    Gimel means "all" take everything in the pot
•    Shin means "put in" – put one coin in the pot
•    Keep playing until one person has all of the coins.

Lighting the Menorah

Hanukkah Tradition 2016 - As Hanukkah 2016, is known as a festival of lights, people all around the world celebrate this festival remembering the miracle of light (oil to produce light). Jews light the menorah for eight days and night. To know more about lighting the menorah follows this link given below. Hope, you find our article helpful. Don’t forget to share our page with your loved ones.

How to Celebrate Hanukkah 2016 – In Easy Steps

How to Celebrate Hanukkah 2016 – In Easy Steps - For Jewish, - The festival of lights comes in winter season so, they celebrate Hanukkah in a traditional manner by preparing foods and conducting games and others. Hanukkah 2016 – The festival of lights celebrated around the world for eight days is the victory and history of Maccabees war against the most powerful military troop in the world finally, they defeated and rededicated their worship to their god.

How to Celebrate Hanukkah 2016 - Celebration Starts Here

  • Firstly, you have to get Hanukkah 2016 Menorah Here
  • Hanukkah – Jews starts lighting Hanukkah candles after every sunset and this continues for up to 8 days.
  • The placement of candles starts from Right to Left side, and the lighting of the candles starts from left to Right.
  • give
  • After lighting the candles, people take the candles withstand and put near to their windows to show people and make them remember the festival of a light miracle.
Below are the prayer words to be recited while lighting the candles - Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha'olam, Asher kids hang b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.

Hanukkah 2016 Prayer Meaning in English

Blessed are You, O Sovereign our God, Sovereign of the World, Who made miracles for our forefathers in those days at this time.
Next Playing Dreidel Game
This is very special and also the important part of the festival of lights 2016 – Let’s get started.
  • Dreidel – Is a four-sided box and the children of Jews roll it and earn the maximum amount of candies and in the each side of the Dreidel there will put a letter that tells the player whether to put the candies or to take some from it.
  • So, how the festival of lights game ends is – When, any of the players got or earned all the candies then, the game is over.

Gifting, Giving Charity on Hanukkah 2016 Festival

  • On the day of Hanukkah 2016, parent’s starts give charity to poor people, sharing few bucks to their children’s telling them to buy some playing toys.
  • Hanukkah 2016 Gifts are also given to youngsters, adults.
  • Gifts may include – Candles, Food, and Best cooking oil.
Eating Oil Cooked Food
  • Hanukkah 2016 festival is not at all finished without eating Latkes cooked food - Pancakes made from frayed potatoes, onions, matzo serving of food and salted) are fried in oil to crunchy gold brown, then served with applesauce.
Jews religion celebrates Hanukkah 2016; we have clearly guided on How to Celebrate Hanukkah in easy steps. If you want to know more about how to celebrate Hanukkah 2016 festival, then please let us come to our notice. Please, share when do you celebrate Hanukkah? And what Hanukkah gifts you have got from your elders? Happy Hanukkah History and Facts related to Hanukkah 2016 Celebrations?

Why Hanukkah Is Called Festival Of Lights

Why Hanukkah Is Called Festival Of Lights - Hanukkah commemorates the rededication of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.
Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights; it cheers the miracle of the little oil that should have lasted not more than a day but kept burning for eight days and night in the Holy Temple. The miracle of light makes this feast referred as Festival of Lights or Hanukkah 2016.
Hanukkah rejoices to miracles. Leading was the 2nd century BCE success of Jewish fighters Maccabean and his brothers against the mighty Syrian-Greek king and its army. Next, upon the priests’ return to the Temple to light the Menorah.
Menorah is the oldest and victory symbol of the Jewish religion -it is a light stand with the seven-branched candelabrum.According to the modern (word), Hebrew describes the menorah, a candelabrum with nine branches and is used for the fulfillment of the Festival of Lights.

During Hanukkah festival, the Jews all over the world light the Menorah. One branch is set alight on the first night, and alternatively, each candle is added every night until the eighth, when the menorah matures wholly lit. The ninth branch is called Shamash; it is placed in the center which is use to light all the other candles.

Why Hanukkah Is Called Festival Of Lights - We wish you all Happy Hanukkah 2016, May this festival of lights brings loads of brightness ahead to all the people who feel their life has become darkest one.Let’s rededicate and express joy on this Hanukkah period.

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Hanukkah 2016 is an important and unique festival for Jewish people, keeping in mind all the things that make the festival special we have brought you Hanukkah theme picture and cover images.

List of 100+ Hanukkah Facebook Profile Cover Pictures

Celebrate the eight days festival with lots of joys and memories of your elders, friends and relatives.  Hanukkah 2016 festival is the divine festival for the people of Jewish Community and now, they have circulated in places like Australia, Canada, India, United States and United Kingdom.
Jews feel so happy celebrating the festival of lights (Hanukkah 2016) and share their happiness with all their community by gathering, eating together and play games. Share these Happy Hanukkah 2016 Images with all your family members, and get blessings from them.
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Kwanzaa 2016 - 7 Days Festival of Identity | Direction & Purpose

Kwanzaa 2016 - Unlike Hanukkah 2016; Kwanzaa is one such popular festival celebrated by African-America community for a week long to dedicate heritage to their African American culture.

What Is Kwanzaa?

Now, we are celebrating the 50th ceremony of Kwanzaa festival, after Moulana Karenga publicizes it; the festival of candles has been widely celebrated. The importance of Kwanzaa festival comes from the “year-end harvest festival” – Yes, after the successful harvest.  In general, throughout Africans communicates using “Swahili” language.

Who Celebrates Kwanzaa

The festival of Kwanzaa is celebrated widely in African Countries (8 x 1,000,000) to reinforce social changes among African-American people. Kwanzaa is not a religious festival nor is it to replace Christmas Festival other than to bring common changes surrounded by African Americans.

What Is The First Day Of Kwanzaa?

In the first day of Kwanzaa festival, African-Americans share gifts to children’s and play games with them.

When Does Kwanzaa Start or When Is Kwanzaa    

The Kwanzaa festival 2016 begins on the evening of Monday, December 26th and ends on the evening of Sunday, January 1st, 2017.

How to Celebrate Kwanzaa

In the below articles, they have clearly mentioned different ways to celebrate Kwanzaa 2016 festival. Please, refer the link  provided.

Kwanzaa Candles

Each day of Kwanzaa festival is observed so intensely that, their principles are whispered to have been cultivating physically powerful, dynamic families, and well-formed communities among Africans. Throughout the seven days festival, a peculiar Kwanzaa candle named as “KINARA” is used. The best part of Kinara is, it can easily hold all the seven candles in which, the first three candles colored “RED” will be on the left side whereas the remaining three candles painted “Green” were placed on the right side of the Kinara and the last one colored “Black” is placed in the center of the stand. Each night of Kwanzaa festival, a candle is illuminated and is continued for seven days long. The process is same as we celebrate during Hanukkah (Festival of light).

Kwanzaa Candles for Sale

Buy Kwanzaa Candle Holder

Buy Kwanzaa Decorations

Kwanzaa Traditions or Kwanzaa History

The name Kwanzaa is derived from the idiom “Matunda Ya Kwanza” which resources “first fruits” in Swahili. Each one of the family has a right time Kwanzaa in their approach, although cheerfulness over and over again incorporates songs and dances, African barrels, storytelling, poems interpretation, and a large conventional serving of food. 

During the Kwanzaa festival, the families in the United States of America get together, and among the family members, a child illuminates one of the candles on the Kinara. The central beliefs, called the Nguzo Saba (the seven essential principles in Swahili) are standards of African civilization which have a say to structuring and strengthening a group of people among African-Americans.

Who Is the Creator of Kwanzaa Festival?

This peculiar culture has got the root, fought for West Africa to empower black people in the United States in the 19th century. He is popular for the term pan-African moment who is none other than “Maulana Karenga” and for the moment African-American holiday of Kwanzaa.
As discussed above, Maulana always aims to give back freedom of African-American so that they too can celebrate their culture which is the best alternative for existing festivals. Hence; the first pan-African holiday is declared in 1966 by Karenga.

Maulana Karenga has featured in several meetings addressing African heritage, and he also has written books representing African-American culture. Karenga was imprisoned; there he wrote books subjected to feminism.

To brief about Kwanzaa Festival 2016, Kwanzaa 2016 festival is mainly shaped to lend a hand to African American so that they can have a good time celebrating African traditions. Here, the people of this community would stand by uniting together and perform meditation and also start studying seven principles of African heritage.

If they start celebrating Kwanzaa 2016 festival yearly, they can make their authority over themselves which ultimately defines Cultural Revolution ahead of violent revolution.

Kwanzaa - A festival of Identity – Direction and most importantly Purpose.

What Maulana Karenga Said About Kwanzaa?

The primary purpose of celebrating Kwanzaa 2016 festival is, - To make a habit, and have the best alternatives for African-American than celebrating Christmas.
However, Kwanzaa is the celebration for family members – Maulana Karenga stated that “Kwanzaa 2016” festival is not created to divert people from their festival; instead, it is to create an identity for African community in the United States. In addition to Kwanzaa, they also celebrate Christmas Festival 2016.

Principles of Kwanzaa 2016

Karenga has seven principles to be followed where each day of Kwanzaa 2016 is celebrated as follows below.
  1. The first term is “Umoja” - Which symbolizes the unity among the people, and nation.
  2. The second term is “Kujichagulia” - This is to characterize and forename ourselves, over and above to fashion and converse for ourselves.
  3. The third term is “Ujima” - To construct and keep up our neighborhood collectively and build our brothers' and sisters' tribulations and to get to the bottom of jointly.
  4. The fourth term is “Ujamaa” - To construct and sustain our private stores, shops, and additional trades and to profit from them collectively.
  5. The fifth term is “Nia” - To create our cooperative job by building and mounting of our neighborhood to reinstate our people to their long-established prominence.
  6. The sixth term is “Kuumba” - To do forever and a day to the extent that we can, in the technique we can, to depart our neighborhood more gorgeous and advantageous than we hereditary it.
  7. The seventh term is “Imani” - To consider with all our spirits in our community, our parents, our teachers, our influencers, and the virtue and victory of our efforts.

Corn being the celebration and decoration of Kwanzaa 2016 Festival - This is all to represent the value of African-American culture. Kwanzaa constitutes seven candles - Where each of the candles specifies culture of Kwanzaa. If you have any more question to ask about how to celebrate Hanukkah 2016 festival then, we are here to help you.

Hanukkah Menorah: Prayers for Hanukkah 2016

Hanukkah Menorah - So far, people were searching for what is Hanukkah? How to light the Hanukkah Candles? What Day of Hanukkah is it today? But, now they are also looking for articles like, on the day of the festival, what prayers would elders do? While praying how to light the Hanukkah menorah? So, in this post, we are writing most important aspects of Hanukkah 2016.

Menorah Lighting Guide: There are lots of scriptures and books saying that the Hanukkah Menorah 2016 must be like, the person who passes over must see it correctly. So, while you light the candles of Hanukkah, please follow the below Menorah lighting guide and make sure you do proper electric menorah in the window.

Hanukkah History Starts Here: Over the years, the temple in Jerusalem oil is contaminated by Geeks community leader and therefore on the 25th day of Kislev the people want to lights the menorah to celebrate and workship their community God but, sadly they have oil which can last for one day and two.
As the light festival Hanukkah, last for eight days, with the miracle power the one day light was astoundingly last for eight days long.

Prayers for Hanukkah Menorah Lighting

In the below, paragraph we are writing the complete procedure to light Chanukah candles 2016, and there are people who remember their elders, closed one (childhood memories) while lighting Hanukkah 2016 and letting Hanukkah cotton wicks. Please, refer to the below two images and start praying!!
Pray Hanukkah 2016 For the First Day
Hanukkah Menorah - These are some of the best prayers recited and continued to recite for every festival of light years, and if you have any more queries then, please do leave a comment below, and we will respond you in a short time. We wish you and your family members a very Happy Hanukkah 2016 to all of you!!! 

Hanukkah Prayers 2016 - The prayer for lighting first day of Hanukkah menorah is incited, and all are enjoying the event with all the family members. Contrary to the game, Happy Christmas day also began with the beginning of Hanukkah 2016. However, with much domination Hanukkah event has been less known to people of another country however, we have tried our level best to spread to all parts of the world through our post. We hope, you loved this articles a lot and helped us sharing this Prayers for Hanukkah 2016 with all your social networks profile pages.

First Day Of Hanukkah In US 2016

First Day Of Hanukkah In US - Starting next 25th December of 2016 will be a day where for next eight days millions of candles will be lit to memorialize the re-dedication of the temple in Jerusalem by Jewish rebels after their victory over the Syrians. Though most of the historical meaning has become detached from the modern life, there is still a widespread observance of the festival’s family orientated traditions. In the UK the mid-sized Jewish community sticks to its tradition and celebrates Hanukkah as the mark of religious freedom.
Many people are not aware of the history behind Hanukkah which dates back to a victory and a miracle that took place in ancient times. Greeks occupied the Jewish temple which was upsetting as they put a pig’s head on the altar, the Jewish rebels (Maccabees) as they were otherwise known as succeeded to break in and reclaim it. 

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After reclaiming the Temple they were supposed to light the seven-branched Menorah (sacred candelabrum) but at that moment they only had enough olive oil to Fuel the temple’s eternal Flame for just one day. Miraculously the candles burned for eight days, which was enough time to go and prepare fresh oil again.
Hanukkah 2016 is favorite festival among Jewish community as it’s all about joy, singing and spending quality time with family and friends. Kids like the idea of lightening candles on the nine-branched candlestick which is called a Chanukkah, its symbolic representation of lightening up the dark. 

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The first night is traditional family gathers around and sings songs; a four-sided called Dreidel is used for games. All the delightful dishes are served on the table such as Mandelbrot and Sufganiot which tastes amazing. Celebrating Hanukkah in the UK with Jewish friends and family is all about caring for each other.


We hope, you loved this First Day Of Hanukkah In US and we also believe you would share with all your friends and family members.

We believe, this very special day of Hanukkah brings and fill your heart with lot more joy, happiness and prosperous all the time. Hanukkah is one of the best festivals for celebrating “Jewish New Year.”

There are lot more events for Israel’s but, none of the other festivals has occupied highest rate in their hearts.

There are certain things which Jewish people have to do, and this culture has been doing since the day one of the Hanukkah festivals.

The first day of Hanukkah festival in the US is very special, and people celebrate this festival pleasantly with all the family members and friends.

Like other Jewish festivals, Hanukkah is unvarying on the Hebrew Almanac, which is planetary: It begins at twilight on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, which more often than not falls in November or December.

There are those who believe of Hanukkah as a kind of Jewish Christmas. It’s not. There are corresponding both are distinguished in wintry weather, for one; both are related to historical events; for supporters, each is linked with a phenomenon, and light plays a significant role in both Christmas and Hanukkah but, the two holidays are unusual.

Hanukkah, which recalls one of an essential testimony instances of citizens fighting for autonomy from spiritual oppression.

First Night of Chanukah Prayer

First Night of Chanukah Prayer - There are lots of books and scriptures were written saying all the information about what need to be the more priority thing to concentrate on First Night of Chanukah Prayer. We have recently share the first most important thing to be done on first Hanukkah 2016 day. However, in this post you can continue reading all the details below.
On the First Night of Chanukah Prayer, you need to take the electric Hanukkah menorah near to your house window (this is to all passers let know the history behind celebrating this giant festival).

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First Night of Chanukah Prayer

Here are the steps you need to prepare for first day of Hanukkah 2016 prayer – Let’s get started.
  1. Initially, get a menorah for lighting Hanukkah candles.
  2. Next, place the Hanukkah menorah near to window. 
  3. Take a Shamash candle for lighting the very first candle for the very first holder which starts from left to right direction.
  4. After that, light all the candles using Shamash only, and place the Shamash on the middle of the menorah.
  5. Light the candle while reading the below versus to start the first night of the Chanukah prayer.
Continue reading the below versus for the rest of the Hanukkah days and received unlimited blessings.


First Night of Chanukah Prayer – We hope you benefited a lot from this post, and we also wish you a great year ahead from the blessings you received, please share this post with all your friends circles and family members. If you need any more help from us, do let all your queries come to our notice. This is how, you need to celebrate Hanukkah festival. If you still have any more queries then, please let us know.

First off all heartily wish you a merciful Hanukkah year for you and your family members; we hope all of you here have prepared well for celebrating “Jewish New Year.”

Menorah is the best part of celebrating Hanukkah festival because it has the miracle which extended the light for eight days and stood as best part of Chanukah festival.

The first day of Hanukkah 2016 falls on the eve of Christmas - It is creating interfaith provocations.

There are so, many types of events in this festival one being preparing sweets for kids and family members, and next is playing games, lighting candles and many others.

The Jewish celebrates Hanukkah 2016 festival grandly by remembering ancient’s sacrifices and their excellent written books.

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